Italian craftmanship
since 1962

Milantoast is the right product.
Stylish design, easy to clean, well-balanced, suitable for professional use

About us

MILANTOAST is the Italian company specialized in professional equipment for Hotels and catering industry. Our appliances can guarantee excellent breakfast, snacks and quick lunches.

Since the early 60s we’ve been developing highly specialized product lines able to meet any specific requirement: from simply toasting bread slices, to the cooking of panini, hamburgers, focacce , pizzas and bruschette, as well as gastronomic dishes, down to the preparation of hot fragrant sandwiches, the traditional Italian culinary fantasy being always preserved.

Thanks to the quality and reliability of our equipment, Milan Toast is today an international company with products sold all over the World.


We believe that the most important value of a company are the people. And the passion that they put into their work.

Our points of strength are a team pursuing the same goal and participating to the company development, as well as the desire to establish a solid partnership with our suppliers and our customers.

For this reason, our Company philosophy is based on some simple but fundamental principles:

  • we design and produce only in Italy to assure a more direct and strict control
  • we respect all European norms and subject every item to a test before shipping
  • 70 years of experience in projecting and engineering are behind the production of every new model, which is then tested in laboratory and practically verified before the launch on the market
  • every customer is followed 360° by our technicians: from the choice/project of the machine, to the suggestions for the best use, down to the after-sale service


Italy is worldwide famous for its competence in food. Out of respect for our culinary tradition, we focus and project high quality machines offering both high technology and efficiency as well as the perfect cooking result. We work to guarantee excellent roasting, cooking, crunchy, gilding to perfection.

Our certifications:

ISO - 9001 : 2015