750 - > 950
Ideal for any type of activity where a large quantity of bread is required

Can also be used 24 hours in fast food, burgers, hotels, tourist villages and amusement parks.
Suitable for use in kitchens and warm environments up to + 35 ° C ambient

Crumb tray in stainless steel

Thanks to the removable crumb tray both the setting and the equipment are neat. Moreover the crumb tray is machine washable, which eases and speeds up cleaning operations.

"COLD" outer structure

Thanks to the outer structure, that does not heat up during the usage, this conveyor is really safe for the operator. The duration and the absolute portability of the machine itself are also guaranteed.

Available products

  • CODE
  • BELT W
  • PROD/H
  • KW
  • OPEN
  • DELIV.
Conveyor toaster for fast food
  • 18035
  • 37cm
  • 750
  • 50 ~ 1.45"
  • 3,4
  • 9,0
  • Front/Rear
  • 50x80x47
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