Our commitment to Sustainability

Milantoast believes that true Corporate Social Responsibility consists first and foremost of carrying out one’s own activities with care: producing economic value, creating products that are good for people, and valuing people’s work.

Because of this, we actively invest in 5 key areas of what we believe to be a broader concept of sustainability that is an integral part of our business model and our strategy for growth and value creation:

Supply chain sustainability

1. Supply chain sustainability

  • Only locally-supplied, high-quality raw materials are processed
  • We demand high standards of quality, transparency and ethos among our suppliers, and they are required to live up to our environmental, health and safety and human rights requirements. We require certification to prove quality and responsible production processes
  • The relationship with our suppliers is based on principles of transparency, loyalty and integrity
  • 100% Hand made in Italy
    100% Hand made  in Italy
    100 % of our products hand built under our roof in our factory in Sulbiate, Milan
  • Local suppliers
    Local  suppliers
    We ensure that the supply chain is local. 95% of our suppliers are not only Italian but local within our region within 50km of the factory.
  • Responsible sourcing
    Responsible  sourcing
    We work together with our direct suppliers as active partners to ensure they abide by our requirements and performance targets
  • ISO 9001
    ISO  9001
    We maintain high safety and environmental protection standards, in compliance with the ISO9001 Certification
Production Sustainability

2. Production Sustainability

At Milantoast we believe that the best way to avoid waste is not to produce it in the first place. This is why we represent a conscious alternative to the throwaway culture, manufacturing only high quality, durable and environmentally friendly and socially responsible products that last for decades and are repairable.

The production of every single product, from material processing to assembly as well as polishing, is done manually under our roof in Sulbiate, Italy.

  • Made to last forever
    Made to  last forever
    100 % superior quality materials like stainless steel, cast iron and glass ceramic.
  • Ecodesign
    Use of screws instead of merging the components in order to guarantee 100% of reparations possible
  • Finishing Treatment
    Finishing  Treatment
    All the surface finishing treatments of the materials are carried out by hand and the respect for the environment is certified
  • Production Process Reorganization
    Production Process  Reorganization
    Optimized productions aimed at actively stainless-steel processing waste
  • Design for Disassembly
    Design for  Disassembly
    100% of our products can be disassembled and the material can be reused. Smart design for making disassembly possible at the end of the product’s life to make the materials reusable
  • Repairable
    100% of our products are repairable
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
    Reduce, reuse,  recycle
    • the supply chain of local suppliers helps to reduce the production of CO2 generated by transport
    • 100% of our products can be diassembled and the material
    can be reused
    • 100% of packaging is recycled paper
  • Durable
    We stand for durable products that, as the saying goes, have a soul and are largely immune to the ravages of time
Product Quality & Safety Standards

3. Product Quality & Safety Standards

We work systematically with our ISO 17025 certified test laboratory to ensure that 100% of our products are electrically and sanitary safe for their intended use.

  • Certified electrical safety
    Certified electrical  safety
    100 % of our products have electrical test report
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
    Electromagnetic  compatibility
    All our products are compliant to the electromagnetic compatibility standards and can operate safely and effectively
  • Food contact safety standard
    Food contact  safety standard
    All of our products are MOCA compliant for food contact
  • ISO 17025
    ISO  17025
    Our Testing Laboratory has been certified ISO 17025
  • 100% PFOA Free
    100% PFOA  Free
    All of our products are 100% PFOA-free
Environmental responsibility

4. Environmental responsibility

Our constant responsibility is to blend our corporate goals with the reduction of environmental impact for a sustainable development and we have implemented procedures to prevent pollution, minimize waste, reduce our emissions and manage risks and solutions for energy containment.

  • Solar panels
    Solar  panels
    Our photovoltaic system on the roof of our factory guarantees a large sustainable energy autonomy. The fraction of residual energy always comes from renewable sources alone.
  • Eco plug System
    Eco plug  System
    100 % of our products with electric power supply. Result: zero emissions in the atmosphere and no use of wood or gas
  • Low energy consumption
    Low energy  consumption
    Top performance in terms of cooking results with the lowest consumption
  • No pollutants
    No  pollutants
    Zero detergents, solvents or other pollutants to clean our products
Workplace Culture

5. Workplace Culture

At Milantoast we believe our differences make us better and we are committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace. We foster a corporate culture that is characterized by openness, fairness and conscientiousness.
This creates closeness and familiarity and promotes acceptance between different people.

We offer employees interesting and responsible fields of activity, a modern working environment as well as safe and fair working conditions.
Milantoast is committed to protect the moral integrity of employees by guaranteeing the right to working conditions that respect the dignity of the person.

  • Independently owned family business
    Independently owned  family business
    Without this independence and control of the family, Milantoast would undoubtedly have lost some of its vision and passion over the last 70 years. It is this independence that enables us to forge our own path
  • Committed to its family-oriented workforce
    Committed to its  family-oriented workforce
    Some of Milantoast’s employees have been with the company for more than 20 years because we value, trust and reward them, and their loyalty helps us create social value
  • On the Job Training
    On the  Job Training
    We provide individual employees with in-house and external training programs them build up their skills and competencies. With tailored professional training, our aim is for our employees to grow along with our company
  • Safety at Work
    Safety at  Work
    We ensure that the health and safety of its employees is always safeguarded during production activities at its plants