Italian craftmanship
since 1948

The factory of Italian design

Since 1948 we have been developing high-quality, hand-made, sustainable kitchen appliances.
Our success lies in a single-minded vision that hasn't changed since our foundation, based on some simple but fundamental principles:

  • We design and handcraft all our products in our factory in Milan, Italy, with no trick nor compromise. Only reliable, hand-made products with high construction standards, socially responsible production and certified quality.
  • We only handcraft with sustainable, high quality raw materials .

Values & Craftmanship

At Milantoast we believe that the best way to avoid waste is not to produce it in the first place. This is why we represent a conscious alternative to the throwaway culture, manufacturing only high quality, durable and environmentally friendly and socially responsible products by hand that last for decades and are repairable.

We only process only high-quality raw materials . The assembly of every single product, as well as the polishing, is done manually under our roof.


It is precisely for this reason , all of the individual parts built into the devices come from suppliers close to us.
And for this reason we melt our cast iron plates with a 100% PFOA-free ceramic coating, which is the only way to safely protect the panels against corrosion.
And for the same reason our toasters have heating elements made from natural mica stone.


Our products impress by their long service life due to excellent artisan craftsmanship and well-thought-out functionality, balanced with our timeless design.

Out of respect for our culinary tradition, we focus and project only high quality professional products tested for Restaurants and Professional Chefs, offering both high technology and excellent performance in terms of cooking results.

Our certifications:

ISO - 9001 : 2015