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For over 65 years now, MILAN TOAST appliances have come to be seen as tasteful and stylish solutions to the demands of contemporary cooking as a result of the company’s partnerships with world-famous architects, designers, Italian cooks and pizza producers.

Not only does Milan Toast is world wide appreciated for the expertise in professional large-scale restaurant/catering appliances, but it also has a unique profile in terms of premium home kitchen appliances, the only appliances on the market that combine professional features, performance and design. Milan Toast, thanks to its craftmanship culture which dictates that maximum emphasis be placed on product quality, technology and design, is very well known all over the globe as a key representatives of “Made in Italy” standards

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Blog Cooking on grill: best food choice, right temperature and timing

Cooking on grills is quite common and help us make delicious recipes, often, in a quick way. In this article, we go deeper in details, talking about materials, food varieties and cooking secrets to get incredible results. ...

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Today we would like to share some details about professional panini contact grills for heating sandwiches, focaccias and panini: when you decide to buy these catering equipments, where should you focus your attention? Which elements need to be checked carefully? PROFESSIONAL CONTACT GRILLS: CAST IRON OR GLASS CERAMIC PLATES? In our opinion 4 aspects need […] ...

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