Pollo alla piastra

Cooking on grill: best food choice, right temperature and timing

25 November 2019

Cooking on grills is quite common and help us make delicious recipes, often, in a quick way. In this article, we go deeper in details, talking about materials, food varieties and cooking secrets to get incredible results

Piastra in vetroceramica Milantoast per cibi

Contact grills: Cast Iron or Glass Ceramic plates?

10 October 2019

Let's talk about professional panini contact grills for heating sandwiches, focaccias and panini: when you decide to buy these products, where should you focus your attention? Which elements need to be checked carefully?

Conveyor toaster three slices


2 October 2019

Conveyor belt toasters are an absolutely strategic application in fast food restaurants, where their usage increases productivity as it frees up space on the hamburger cooking grill. Read our article to access detailed suggestions and technical information