Cooking on a grill
Technical suggestions and simple tips for an excellent result

Cooking on grills is quite common and help us make delicious recipes, often, in a quick way. In this article, we go deeper in details, talking about materials, food varieties, sharing practical suggestions and cooking secrets to get incredible results.

Materials: are they important to choose your grill?

Most important materials used for this cooking method are:

Grilling is not to be confused with cooking using a griddle in a barbecue:

Which food families are the “best choice”, if cooked on a grill ?

On the plate it is possible to cook everything that is usually cooked in a pan and all the foods that are usually roasted on a barbecue:

Which cuts and red meats to prefer for grill cooking ?

Veal meat, being tender, does not tolerate long cooking, it is preferable, in evento of cooking it, to choose a cut close to fat parts of the animal to have a good result.

Pork is often a fundamental part, ribs, pins, sausages, skewers or chops are the best cuts and using the plate, instead of the griddle on barbecue, allows a better control of the heat, leading to a slow melting of the fat and avoiding to burn outer parts.

Lamb chops and lamb kebabs are absolutely delicious and allow a quick cooking; you can choose the shoulder or the leg for slow cooking at medium heat.

Which white meats cuts choose to grill ?

If you want to cook chicken, you have to prefer thighs, over-thighs or wings: they are suitable for grilling due to the high percentage of fat. If, otherwise, you prefer to bet on the chest, marinating will be necessary, in order to leave the meat tender even after cooking. The main goal of marinating is to give more flavor to the foods that will later be cooked; moreover it tends to soften the fibers of the meat.

Important suggestions to grill meat, fish and vegetables

Grilling red meat: cooking time

We put forward below some general indications to keep in mind when grilling meat, one of the main foods cooked with this method. It should be noted that, with this type of cooking, the fat contained in the meat is sufficient to allow the meat to remain soft and juicy in most cases.

Hamburger in cottura con piastra in ghisa Milan-Toast

Cooking an Hamburger on a cast iron Milan-Toast grilling plate

Cooking white meat on a grill

If it is our intention to cook white meat, mainly chicken or turkey, it is necessary to consider a little more preparation. Our recommendations are:

Cottura alla piastra carni bianche

Grilling white meats

Cooking fish on a grill

Here are some general indications to keep in mind when grilling fish, a food that acquires, with this cooking method, an excellent flavor.

Cooking vegetables, eggs, and cheese on a grill

Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when grilling this kind of foods:

Cottura con fry-top di verdure e uova

Cottura con fry-top di verdure e uova

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