What is a rotary toaster ? Which features are relevant ?

Today, we would like to share an in-depth article of professional conveyor toasters for fast food chains and commercial kitchens and their typical heavy usage.Why should a fast food chain that offers hamburgers buy this product? Which elements should be considered to choose a proper solution?


Conveyor toasters, also called bun toasters, are machines designed to work in environments with a high presence of fats, fumes and oils, with temperatures up to 35°C and very intense work cycles, often continuously 24 /7. They allow to heat several slices of bread simultaneously and quickly, thanks to the traction of a belt, they are passed through a specific heating path.

Conveyor belt toasters are an absolutely strategic application in fast food restaurants, where their usage increases productivity as it frees up space on the hamburger cooking grill. In fact, by adopting a toaster, the cooking attendant does not have to worry about bread, he has more space for cooking meat and can focus on this task.

The conveyor toaster is also essential in advanced fast foods, where cooking of fresh burgers is carried out earlier than the sales and the toasting of the bread must be much faster. In this case Milan-Toast proposes a dedicated solution.


The characteristics of a rotating toasters

Milan-Toast professional conveyor toasters are made of thick metal to withstand heavy use. Furthermore, during the design phase, some specific precautions have been adopted in order to make them suitable for professional use:

Toasting large slices, stuffed toast, frozen bread and … pizza

The Milan-Toast heavy duty toasters for Fast food chains are products of great flexibility. The large front opening of the machines allows to heat and toast even thick bread, up to 6 cm, or bread with different thicknesses, if necessary, even simultaneously, without having to act on the adjustments.

By adopting a professional  conveyor  toaster for professional kitchens you can use, indifferently:

We propose below a more detailed analysis of the technical and usage characteristics of two Milan- Toast Models widely used in the fast food and professional Kitchens.

Milan-Toast model 18036 – Bun toaster for fast food

With the professional conveyor toaster 18036, shown in the photo below, we present the typical fast food conveyor toaster, where fresh hamburger cooking is done on a special grill while toasting bread takes place simultaneously in the toaster.

Conveyor toaster - Milan-Toast 18036

Professional rotary toaster

Typically, the already cut bread, is loaded by the operator in the necessary number and heated for 40-70 seconds, then finished ready under the toaster, while the attendant takes care of cooking the meat.

Features and technical data

Here are some facts to help you choose:

Milan-toast rotary toaster  model 18033

This professional conveyor toaster, reproduced below in the picture, finds its natural application in larger fast food restaurants, where fresh hamburgers are cooked in advance and the toasting of the bread must be much more rapid.  Using this fast toaster led to increases in productivity because it goes with a ready-made burger.  This heavy duty toaster is suitable for discontinuous usage because it is very fast in heating.

Rotating toaster 18033 Milan-Toast

Rotating toaster 18033 fast heating cycle

Technical features

Conveyor toaster three slices

Conveyor toaster three slices charged


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