How to choose commercial conveyor toasters
Commercial conveyor toasters



Conveyor toasters are one of the most important kitchen appliances every restaurant or hotel requires in order to run effectively. Since conveyor toaster is a crucial step for your business you should consider following information in order to buy the right toaster for your specific needs.

PRODUCTION PER HOUR: How many meals do you need the conveyor toaster to deliver in a specific time?

You ought to ensure you acquire a toaster that can toast hundreds of bread slices continuously while at the same time not affecting its performance and toasting quality. conveyor toasters that can deliver anywhere from 50 to 1700 slices each hour. With the continuous toaster, several toasted breads can be toasted in the shortest possible time. Depending on the model and degree of browning, 250 to about 1400 slices of bread can be laid out per hour (depending on the setting) .

What do you need the conveyor toaster for? Are you mostly going to serve bagels, buns, toasties, or a combination of all?

You need conveyor toaster that can make other meals, including English muffins, buns, bagels, and many more bread products.

How much space you would like the conveyor toaster you pick to take up on your kitchen counter? Would you prefer a taller or broader conveyor toaster?

Conveyor toasters are available in many different sizes and heights in order to allow businesses with limited space to acquire a conveyor toaster. Since the front delivery varies from 1 up to 4 slices, depending on size and model, you might consider a conveyor toaster with front space for only 1 bread slice in order to save space (check out space saving Ecolight Conveyor toaster)

What are you electrical requirements?

Contemplate on which electrical connections you will need. All these questions will come in handy to ensure the appliance you choose can keep serving your restaurant for years to come without breaking down or facing any issues in the near future.

With these requirements and questions in mind, we set tested lots of conveyor toasters that could qualify as the best ones in the marketplace and created a shortlist of six best sellers with different features in order to make your choice easier (check out our conveyor toasters shortlist)


Commercial toasters are dependable for high-volume environments and are meant for businesses like bakeries, diners and buffets that turn out big amounts of toasted bread and bagels on a daily basis. Commercial conveyor toasters are powerful pieces of toasting equipment that will help you keep up with the high demand for toasted bagels and more in your busy foodservice establishment. Conveyor toasters are dependable for hotels, buffets, breakfast rooms, high output canteens, self service areas and commercial kitchens.

Conveyor toasters are available in a wide variety of sizes and toasting capacities, ranging from a couple of hundred slices of bread per hour up to 1400 slices of bread per hour.

Milan Toast developed specific product lines that cover from low to medium needs (Conveyor Toaster Hotel) to high production needs (Conveyor Toaster Fast Food) and accommodate standard size bread or bagel sizes, perfect in areas where high volume use is common, like dining halls and breakfast buffets, or behind the counter in a bakery, bagel shop, cafe or coffee shop.

Available in many sizes, configurations, and with multiple features, the choices are endless! With models that turn out hundreds of slices to over a thousand slices per hour, you will certainly to find the right toaster to match the pace of your business.

How do conveyor toasters work?

Commercial conveyor toasters – otherwise known as a rotary toasters – toast bread slices, buns bagels and bread rolls fully automatically to allow buffets, hotels and bakeries to meet the increased need for toast and bread rolls at the breakfast buffet.  Bread slices, bagels, buns, English muffins and more simply need to be placed on the top shelf of the toaster and after moving smoothly on a conveyor belt through a heated compartment for consistent and rapid toasting, they will come out crispy and toasted very quickly and reliably.

Very simple to use, conveyor toasters continuously toast bread using a conveyor belt to pull bread past powerful elements to ensure consistently cooked toast every time and get fast, even results every time. The slices run on a stainless steel belt through the toaster and slide automatically through the toaster and fall down crispy and browned on a tray.

Depending on the desired degree of browning, toasting might take only a few seconds to a few minutes. The level of browning of the bread slices can also be set using a controller on the device. Thanks to the heating elements (made either of stainless steel or quartz depending on the requested model) all slices toast perfectly and you will get crispy rolls, toasted bread, waffles, burger buns or hot dog rolls.

Good quality conveyor toasters must be equally suitable for flat toast slices and rolls. They have a collecting drawer with a warming function and an easily removable crumb tray. There are controls on the front. The toasted baked goods can be dispensed on the front or the back.

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